Your SMP Treatment Guide

Your SMP Treatment Guide
Enhanced Scalp Micropigmentation is serving the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities. We also offer concierge service for our clients who fly to us from around the world to receive their Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment. With our guidance, we help our clients feel much more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

scalp micropigmentation

It is important for an SMP (scalp micropigmentation) practitioner to have a strong background in the field of micropigmentation and a thorough understanding of the techniques and processes involved. This typically includes:

Extensive training

Extensive training and education in micropigmentation, including both theory and practical application of SMP


Familiarity with a range of smp pigments and smp needles to ensure the most natural-looking and long-lasting scalp micropigmentation results

Experience performing

Experience performing SMP treatments on a variety of clients with different hair and skin types

treatment plan

A strong attention to detail and the ability to create a customized SMP treatment plan for each individual client. Which includes SMP pigment selection, SMP Hairline Design, SMP healing duration, SMP preparation and more.

Knowledge of skin

Knowledge of skin anatomy and how to properly care for the skin during and after treatment


An expert educator with extensive experience in the smp field, that is able to provide hands-on training and guidance to those who are interested in learning the technique.

Why choose Enhanced Scalp Micropigmentation for your SMP hair tattoo treatment?

With a glowing 5 star reputation, and an outstanding track history of being a highly skilled, friendly, passionate and very honest SMP studio. Enhanced Scalp takes pride and values exceptional service and results above all else. We are the busiest SMP clinic in Toronto, and we invite you to a free consultation today to experience the difference.